Thursday, June 2, 2016

#blogjune Day 3 - Reflection

I have mentioned in previous posts how much I am enjoying having a running coach and actually achieving results.  To me it's an awesome process.  Coach this is my goal, help me work to it!  Coach - follow this program, provide feedback and work together.  Ultimately, I am the one doing the work.  But the coach is doing the assessment of how I am going and how to tweek the program based on the feedback I'm providing.

All of this reflection about my running coach led me to think, would I get the same result with a career coach?  What things would I need to reflect on?  How would they help me?  What would they need to know about me in order to establish a good, effective relationship?

I'd love any readers to jump in with comments, thoughts etc regarding careers coaches as I really don't know much about them and how it all works!

Other than the running coach reflection bringing about these thoughts, I have recently been reflecting on where I want to be with my career - which brought me to the career coach thing.

The move to where I am now was where I needed to be at that time in my life.  After 8 years, I'm not sure if this is still where I want to be.  As my daughter gets older the focus changes.  For a while it was all about family and it really still is, but it slowly starts creeping back towards what makes me happy.  Well really it is still about making the family happy but the focus is shifting slightly.

I'm hitting the big 40 next year, is this the organisation I want to be working for?  Is this the position I want to be working in?  Is this the place I want to be living?  Do I have gaps in my skills/knowledge that I want to fill, but can only be filled if I move to a different position in a different organisation?  And always, the pull of family and friends in Qld is constant.

Sounds all very self absorbent, doesn't it?  But I'm sure others have had these thoughts or are having them.  I think it is good to reflect on where you are and where you want to be.  I've been ignoring it for a while but I think now is as good as time as any to put myself out there and see what happens!


  1. I have a management coach, and he's touched on my career. I find the sessions fabulously useful for guiding my responses. He runs measurement tools (my Myers Briggs fits better now), gives me articles to read and new frameworks for looking at what I want to happen at work. If you are unsure of your next career steps I'd recommend a coach.

  2. Thanks, restructuregirl! It's something I'm definitely going to look into!