Friday, June 10, 2016

#blogjune Post 11 - Feeling back the front

I'm feeling a bit odd today.  Why?  Well, today I did not wake up at 5am to go running at 6am.  Today I woke up at 7.15am (due to Miss A wanting to get up as her friend had slept over last night and they did not want to waste a minute together - remember those days!!).  A sleep in, but not as much as I would've liked.

So why am I not running today?  Because tomorrow I'm heading down to South West Rocks to do the 10km run at the South West Rocks Running Festival (formerly the Macleay River Marathon).  The past 2 years I have participated in their half marathon.  But this year, due to only having done the Warwick Pentath-Run 3 weeks ago, my coach thought the 10km would be the better distance.  And it will be nice to try something new.

One of my training buddies from when I was training for Warwick will be doing her first full marathon.  So after I finish my 10km and fuel up with something, I will be walking back out on course until I find her and then run back with her to the finish line.  Having done my first full marathon last year, I know how hard those last 10km's can be so I hope to be the motivation she needs.

Even though I am running tomorrow, I still feel very odd not running today.  Sunday is traditionally my rest day.  Although when training for Warwick I was doing double up runs.  Long run Saturday and then a shorter long run on Sunday to replicate the event.  Monday then became my rest day.  But back to only 3 runs per week leading into the Park2Park, Sunday is back to being a rest day.

So while I am sitting here catching up on facebook posts of friends running.  I will bite down that feeling of missing out and guilt, and think about how good it will be to run tomorrow and make the most of the rest time today!  Oh yeah, the washing is ready to be hung out and the house needs a bit of a clean and I have two 10 year olds to occupy - rest, blah!

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